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Do you want to feel stronger, more flexible, more energized and empowered? Are you yearning for inner peace?  Longing for a new source of inspiration? Do you want to overcome your fears? Then join Yoganic Moves yoga classes that will help you MOVE forward. Day by day.

What yoga means for me:

"For me, yoga is about finding balance in life. It's about growth and connecting to my inner self. Moving forward step by step, accepting what life throws at me and dealing with every obstacle on my path. It's about strengthening my body and training my mind, about broadening awareness. It’s a state of mind and a way of living."

Yogazaal 't Rietveld

"Deepen your practice" Tuesdays

In this series we will dive deeper into our practice. An advanced practice does not only mean more advanced poses, but it means that we can become more present, move with more awareness, listen better. 

Min 6 months practice.

Place: Yoganic Moves Studio

Time: 19h30 - 21h00


02 October 2018
09 October 2018
16 October 2018
23 October 2018
30 October 2018
06 November 2018
13 November 2018
20 November 2018
27 November 2018
04 December 2018
11 December 2018


19h30- 21h00
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Yogazaal 't Rietveld

"Deepen your practice" Summer Tuesdays

In this series we will dive deeper into our practice, gradually moving to more advanced poses. Min 6 months practice.

We practice in small groups of max 9 people.  So you will receive personal attention and adjustments and will make faster progress.


10 July 2018
17 July 2018
06 August 2018
14 August 2018
21 August 2018
28 August 2018
04 September 2018


19h30- 21h00
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Yoganic Moves - Gent

Gentle Summer Lunch Yoga - Friday

Finish your week with a gentle yoga class and get ready for your weekend. 

This series is good for beginners and for students that want to have a more gentle practice. We practice in small groups, so you will get personal attention.

Friday: 13h00-14h15


06 July 2018
13 July 2018
24 August 2018
31 August 2018
07 September 2018


Yoganic Moves - Gent

Open your heart and free yourself - master class

Do you want to dive deeper into yoga? In this class of 2,5 hours we will prepare the body, working the core, opening the shoulders, chest and front of the legs (psoas and quads) as these are key for your deeper backbends.


25 August 2018


Thip Yoga - Gent

Happy Hips - therapeutic workshop

This is a therapeutic workshop, in which you will gain more understanding on how to keep your hips healthy. 

When we were babies, we were putting our toes in our mouth and had great flexibility in our hip joint. Growing older, we tend to get very tight in the hips. The main reason is our sedentary lifestyle.

We will work on opening the parts in our hips that are tight and at the same time strengthening the deeper layers that stabilize our hips. This workshop is accessible for all levels of practitioners also if you have hip problems.


28 April 2018


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