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Vari Morales

vari morales yoga


“Yoga is all about the breath. If you can connect to the breath, you are able to connect to the heart, we are not the body we are the energy inside the body. “

Vari has a great energy, has an ability to help students to connect to their breath, to better understand their body and to push their limits.  His hands on adjustments will help in some postures that were not previously accessible to you. Vari has a passion for yoga and sharing this with his students, he is caring, inspirational and will help you deepen your yoga practice. As he says “Most people don’t realize how strong they really are”.

Vari is teaching in different studios and teacher trainings in Thailand and worldwide.




Michele Willmott

Michelle Willmot 1 Michelle is a fully qualified Yoga & Meditation teacher and a fully qualified Co-Active CTI (Coach Training Institute) Life Coach, with an Honours Degree in Physical Education. Michele is also a student of America’s No 1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for Souls)

Michele has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for 6 years. She feels that Yoga has enabled her to reconnect with her body and recognise its amazing potential for stepping out of the often chaotic world of our mind and helping us to connect with something deeper and more powerful!

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