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Rise up - long weekend in the Flemish Ardennes

10 - 14 July 2020

The Teachers


Growing up in Belgium, Gertrud has always pursued the philosophy of “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”. After her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, she continued her studies with a 4-year PhD tract in the interdisciplinary fields of molecular genetics, nanotechnology and biochemistry. The move to Berlin, made an internal switch happening and she decided to focus on whichever projects bring her joy and are aligned with her morals and passions. That’s how today, next to her freelance career as a medical writer, she is involved in herbal medicine, fashion design, R&D of all-natural cosmetic creams (she gives hands-on DIY workshops too) and… YOGA & MOVEMENT.

Her passion – or rather obsession – with yoga started at an 11-day silent meditation retreat in Thailand where 1,5h Vinyasa Flow Yoga was part of the daily program. Her flexibility improved beyond her comprehension (she always believed her previous stiffness was programmed in her genes). Since then, she vigorously practices yoga on a daily basis, training in different styles to provide the perfect balance between creation of peace of mind and body fortitude. She attained her RYA200 in India and her RYA500 teacher certificate in Bali (Vinyasa Power & Flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga). She recently got certified as a Budokon Yoga and Mobility/Free movement teacher and continues training the movement arts of Budokon – a construct which combines movement, martial arts, calisthenics & animal locomotion and yoga.

Annick Yoganic Moves

Annick is a fully qualified and 500 hours YA certified teacher and inspirator of Yoganic Moves. She is passionate about yoga, travel and movement in general. She has been teaching yoga full time since 2013.

Since more than 20 years, since the sudden loss of her father, she has been searching for many ways to grow and develop. In 2012, she made a drastic shift and left her job in marketing and events and went on a world trip in the search for something more meaningful.  It was during her travels in Asia that she dove deeper into yoga, its philosophy and started finding more clarity. After five months of travel - much longer than originally planned - she returned home with a backpack full of ideas and inspiration. She decided to organize yoga retreats so she could share her passion with kindred spirits. As she got more passionate about yoga, she started teaching as well.

Annick believes that the yoga path is a life long journey of growing and studying. She teaches vinyasa style with strong focus on alignment. She is in an ongoing training with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medicine, studying  anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to find a yoga practice that is therapeutic. She also practices with Meghan Currie, who is known for her creative, strong flows and deep spiritual teachings.

Annick has a daily meditation practice. Her mission is to inspire you to lead a healthy and happy life to your fullest potential.

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