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“Many thanks for the great yoga class. If i want to grow in my yoga practice, this is definitely what I am looking for.” Stephanie V.Q. – Belgium

About Yoganic Moves Classes
“Thanks for the inspiring classes. I feel mentally and physically much stronger in comparison with my first class with you.” Hélène Van Der Straeten – Belgium

About Beauty of the French Alps
“The accommodation was perfect: very clean, modern, and has a spacious bathroom. The owners were lovely and helped wherever they could. Also, they cooked delicious healthy food for us.

The yoga classes were perfect as well. Harder classes in the mornings to strengthen the core muscles, while in the evenings more relaxation and meditation. We had a lovely spacious yoga room with a stunning view; however, when it was sunny we decided spontaneously that we would prefer to have our class outside at the lake or the pool.

The hiking trips were enjoyable and we had lovely views and could even see the Mont Blanc. There were easy hikes, but also very challenging ones and everyone could decide which one fits best.

Overall, I can highly recommend the retreat. Everything was very well planned and organised and there was enough time to relax. I would always go there again. A big thanks to Annick and Michelle who organised the trip.” Andrea – UK

“The holiday “Beauty of the French Alps” was extremely well organised and I felt really well looked after by Michelle and Annick for the whole week. The accommodation, the yoga, the coaching, and the hiking were all first class. The food at the chalet was really tasty and yet healthy, I would love to get some of the recipes. Also, the chalet was pretty close to Samoen, just a 10-minute walk up the road. All and all, a great trip!” Susan F. – France

“This holiday “Beauty of the French Alps” surpassed all expectations and is a must for anyone who wants to experience hiking, yoga, great food, superb accommodation or just the beauty of the French Alps. Being a novice in hiking and yoga I was slightly apprehensive about booking this type of holiday, but from the moment I arrived the customer service was exceptional and team really made me feel at ease. There was no pressure to do any of the activities if I didn’t want to, which I really liked. The activities were for beginners and anyone at any level of fitness will enjoy doing them, but experienced yoga students were also in our group and felt the benefits. The breathtaking environment of the Alps is a memory you will always cherish and being able to hike through the mountains and walk to the summit gives you a real sense of achievement. A pleasant surprise was the quality of the food, which matched any famous French chef. Plus the accommodation was like staying at a friend’s cosy house rather than a hotel chain. This holiday will improve your fitness, open your eyes to the unimaginable scenery, kick start your new healthy life, remove any stress, and, of course, stay with you forever. A dream holiday…” Garry P – UK

“A Journey Into Tranquillity was a totally awakening experience. A unique and moving experience. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow and experience a transformative journey. Annick is fantastic!” Andrea L. – Belgium

“It was very nice to discover Thailand with Yoganic Moves. We were a nice group of people, had interesting talks and laughed a lot. I really enjoyed the visits to the National Park as I love nature so much. The beach at Relax Bay is a little paradise with stunning sunsets and lovely shakes and cocktails. I enjoyed very much the yoga in the morning and the evenings. As I am a beginner some classes were quite challenging, but I feel that my body got stronger after 10 days. I will certainly continue practicing back home.” Kristel V. – Belgium

“A Journey into Tranquility” qualifies as one of the best holidays of my life. Great places, great people, great yoga. Annick is an amazing trainer. At the end of 10 days I felt more flexible, more relaxed and more peaceful than ever. Highly recommended.”  Traian S. – Romania

“You were the catalyst for change in my life and the last year has been an amazing and fulfilling journey.”
Thank you
A. – Belgium