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Yoganic Moves Yoga 

Do you want to feel stronger, more flexible, more empowered in your daily life, more energized? Do you want to find inner peace, do you want to connect to the voice deep inside of you, your inner teacher? Do you want to overcome certain fears?

Then come to Yoganic Moves yoga classes that will help you MOVE forward  in your daily life.


What yoga means for me

“For me, yoga is about finding balance in life, about growth, about connecting to the inner self, about progressing step by step, about dealing with obstacles, about acceptance what is coming on my way, about strengthening my body and training the mind, about broadening my awareness, being aware of  body and mind, it’s a way of living.”


My classes

I love to encourage you to just take one step towards doing a pose that they may feel is impossible or too difficult. I believe that by doing this, you can open up a world of possibilities, and also you get to realise that you are stronger and more courageous than you think you are.

In doing this, I want to help you make your yoga practice become a metaphor for your life. Finding the balance in your yoga practice, acceptance of where you are at each moment and having enough perserverance to continue when things are more difficult. I invite you to take your practice off the mat in real life.

NEW YOGA FOR BEGINNERS – SERIES of 9 classes starting 23rd March 2015

This beginners series will give you a foundation for a safe yoga practice. You will learn alignment in the basic standing and sitting postures and sun salutation A and B. You will learn different breathing techniques, the breath is a tool you can use to relax and calm down the mind. You will gain strength, flexibility and discover muscles in your body you did not know that were there. In this sense you will find a deeper connection to yourself and gain awareness in your daily life. At the end of the series you will be able to practice the sun salutations on your own (5 minutes in the morning will do wonders).

Places are limited to 10 people! Give yourself this precious gift.

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Vinyasa basic

In the basis vinyasa classes you will learn sun salutation A & B and the main standing and sitting postures. We will work on alignment, on the breath and on connecting each breath to a movement. Each class will have a sequence of standing, balancing, sitting poses and inversions. Your body will become stronger, you will find more balance and gain flexibility and go home relaxed and with renewed energy.

Vinyasa Yoga – all levels

Vinyasa yoga is a flow of asanas, a meditation in motion, in which you are connecting movement and breath. In this class we are moving a little faster than in the basic vinyasa class, but the focus on detailed alignment in each pose and attention for the transition between poses remains as important. Each class will be different and covers a varying sequence of asanas (standing, balance, seating, core, inversions)

You can join the Vinyasa all levels classes once you have done minimum 10 beginners classes.



Yoga schedule
Monday 18h00 – 19H30 – Vinyasa basic as of 23rd of March (slower paced class with detailed explanation on alignment)
Monday 20H00 – 21h15 – Beginner series as of 23rd of March- 9 classes – weekly 23rd March till 19th May 2015
Wednesday 18h00 – 19h30 - Vinyasa all levels
Wednesday 20H00 – 21h15 – Beginner series – 10 classes – weekly 4 March till 6th May 2015 (4, 11, 18, 25 March, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 April, 6 May 2015)
Sat 10H30 – 12H00 – Vinyasa all levels vanaf 11 april (vinyasa flow – faster paced class with detailed explanation on alignment)

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Yoganic Moves Studio: Kunstenaarstraat 118, 9040 Gent

With beautiful weather, we are going to the Bijgaardepark on 2 min walk from my house.



The first time, you can join in for FREE.

Please give me a ring if you come for try out.  Like this I can ensure there are sufficient mats available.

One class – 12 Euro (1,5 hour)

Multiple pass (10 classes) – 90 Euro

Beginners series (9 classes) – 75 Euro


Small groups

We are maximum 8 people in one class, which means you will have personal attention and adjustments in your practice. This means you will have a good foundation for a safe yoga practice.


Private classes at your home

Private and Vinyasa yoga classes are possible at my home or on location (Dutch or English). Please contact me for more information: 0478/968461


Yoga for companies 

Take a yoga break during your day. You will find better focus, have renewed ideas and be much more productive. Take one hour over lunchtime or at the end of your day to do yoga and breathe fully.  You will get back to work with renewed energy or start your evening in a relaxed way.

I bring mats and material, I just need a free room.


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