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The Teachers

Trine Sundal

Trine is a well traveled and highly trained yoga, qigong, health and life coach.

With love of learning as one of her highest strengths she has a list of qualifications in different modalities, and years of experience that fuels her passion to sharing and supporting others in growth, healing and finding their joy. 
As a person, Trine is warm, generous and compassionate, and instantly allows you to feel at ease.  Her curiosity and ability to listen, understand and guide clients to discover deeper layers of themselves is deeply healing. 

Annick Cuvelier

Annick is the founder and inspirator of Yoganic Moves and writer of the book “Slimmer sporten met yoga”.

She is a passionate yoga and movement coach with a love for travelling, nature, adventure and zest for life.
On her own path searching for meaning, she has been changing careers many times, she felt lost, got physically and mentally exhausted, faced her biggest fears. These challenges were her greatest teachers. Her life experience combined with many years of studies in functional anatomy, physiology, mental health and personal development and different styles of yoga and meditation inspire her teachings.

With Yoganic Moves, Annick loves to take you on a journey that allows you to grow, to expand, to connect deeply with your heart desire and to live your fullest true potential.

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