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About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

I really loved this holiday: Annick's kindness, generosity and flexibility, the beautiful people, the location, the yoga and meditation, the coaching sessions, the hikes... I feel energized, inspired and joyful and ready to move on to the next stage in my life. Fadila - June 2017

About the Boost Your Health weekend

Viviane, 80 years old, joined us for the 3rd time. She tells us what a yoga holiday means for her.

About Yoga and Hiking in magical Ibiza

True Ibiza Vibes

Ibiza, well known as THE party island, appeared to be an island of beauty, full of yoga love, delicious food, friendly people and happiness everywhere. I never  thought the Magical Yoga &Hiking retreat would impress me that much. I met the nicest people who became my friends during the retreat. Although the ages varied from 20 to 80 I was inspired by each of them.  They taught me to chase my dreams and take some me-time from time to time.  I would like to thank Yoganic Moves and Annick. Her positive vibes, powerful yoga courses, love and kindness made me have the most wonderful experience ever!

All things happen for a reason, for that I am thankful this retreat was on my path. I realised that I have to do more what makes me happy and never stop dreaming. 

Don’t hesitate and book your way to happiness. The adventure is enchanting, the experience priceless. And who knows, maybe it will change your life.

Selina - Belgium - Nov 2016

About Yoganic classes

What i like a lot
- your classes are down to earth and from time to time we can laugh
- you don’t only have attention for the physical aspect of the practice, but you also bring in meditation
- you demonstrate complicated poses and you let us know what to focus on
- you have a connection with your group
- you make adjustments and corrections
- you encourage and give positive feed-back
- very relaxing massage at the savasana
Anne L. - Febr 2016

About Yoganic Classes

About Yoganic classes
Teaching is really your thing, you really see that on you. 
You are very good in your explanations and you have an eye for correcting and adjusting eacht student.
The class is very well built up and each times different. Nice choice of music and inspiring texts at the end of the class, a nice and cosy studio. 
Lisa T. - Belgium 22 Febr 2016

About Yoganic classes

I find your classes a very good combination between strengthening and stretching, just what i need in combination with running and realising i want to gain more strength in my arms.
I like the small groups very much, it is costing you maybe more than big group classes, but you are giving us each small corrections that help us improve our practice. 
You motivate us and empower us to do the more challenging poses and you make us believe we are stronger than we know and this is helping me a lot.

The combination of demonstration and walking around and adjusting is very good. 
And the cherry on the pie, I always feel fully relaxed and stretched after your class, so the proof is that a strong practice is very relaxing.
Conny - Belgium - Febr. 2016

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

If you haven't heard of Yoganic Moves, just wait.  You will!  It should become one of the most popular yoga adventures talked about in both yoga circles and for travelers seeking travel with a nature/spiritual twist.  Annick Cuvelier and Michele Willmott have put together a winning combination of yoga, coaching, if you choose, and adventuring.  An hour and 45 minutes of yoga bookends a series of beautiful days.  Annick is an outstanding and talented yoga teacher.  Their most recent trip based in Sameons, France included choices to hike the French Alps, white water raft, parapente in addition to practice your yoga.  Yoga sessions were appropriate for all levels.  I enjoyed being able to self assess how much activity I felt comfortable doing and appreciated how those choices were completely honored.  Michele made one on one coaching available and I found it very useful.  Meals were provided and they were unbelievably delicious, nutritious and creative!  The love and care they were prepared with could nearly be tasted!  That is a credit to Debbie, Tony and Libby who designed and ran the comfortable chalet at the foot of the Alps we resided in while there. This trip fills the senses.  The beauty of nature surrounds and inspires.  This vacation is one big buffet of soul food!!!  E.V. San Diego - US - July 2015   

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

"It wasn't just the yoga flow while breathing in the air and staring at the Alps that was amazing; it was Annick's spirit, kindness, and inspirations that meant the most. I couldn't have picked a better retreat to go to than Yoganic Moves. Kelly - US - June 2015

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

I would highly recommend this holiday to a regular yogi or a person who has never tried yoga before. Annick is a great teacher and gets involved with the group. She is warm and friendly and very easy to get along with. Michele is lovely, so easy to talk to and have a laugh with. The rest of my group were a lovely bunch of people. I'm sorry to be leaving.-  Caroline - UK - June 2015

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

I think yoga and walking in the Alps is a fabulous combination of activity with just the right balance of both. Although I am a yoga beginner, Annick is a wonderful teacher, the classes were relaxing, sometimes challenging, but always really enjoyable. I feel genuinly energised by the week and the time I spent with Annick and my fellow yogi's. Jill - Scotland - June 2015

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

This holiday "Beauty of the French Alps" surpassed all expectations and is a must for anyone who wants to experience hiking, yoga, great food, superb accommodation or just the beauty of the French Alps. Being a novice in hiking and yoga I was slightly apprehensive about booking this type of holiday, but from the moment I arrived the customer service was exceptional and team really made me feel at ease. There was no pressure to do any of the activities if I didn't want to, which I really liked. The activities were for beginners and anyone at any level of fitness will enjoy doing them, but experienced yoga students were also in our group and felt the benefits. The breathtaking environment of the Alps is a memory you will always cherish and being able to hike through the mountains and walk to the summit gives you a real sense of achievement. A pleasant surprise was the quality of the food, which matched any famous French chef. Plus the accommodation was like staying at a friend's cosy house rather than a hotel chain. This holiday will improve your fitness, open your eyes to the unimaginable scenery, kick start your new healthy life, remove any stress, and, of course, stay with you forever. A dream holiday...-  Garry P - UK

About Yoganic Classes

"You were the catalyst for change in my life and the last year has been an amazing and fulfilling journey."
Thank you - Andrea - Belgium

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

If you are looking for a quick revival of your body and mind in a beautiful setting with excellent teachers, this yoga holiday in the French Alps with Yoganic Moves is the way to fulfil all your wishes. - Koen - Belgium - July 2016

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

Annick is a great teacher, loved her style of teaching and the soothing voice. Great location, great food. I will come back here for sure. Arshad - Uk - July 2016

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

Annick takes you on a journey in an inspiring way, to open your mind to your inner self, to respect your body, to be grateful fro who you are and what you can become, to connect to others. It's like surfing on waves of mental, physical and social health and wellbeing. All this happens in the pittoresque decor of Samoëns with its breathtaking nature, with excellent accomodation and healthy and delicious brunches and dinners. The program is well balanced between yoga sessions, rest and active parts.

I can highly recommend it. Mark - Belgium - July 2016

About Yoga and Hiking in the French Alps

Not only were the yoga and hikes amazing, the love and joy I have felt when here, made it all the more special. Kay - Uk - June 2016

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