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Yoganic holidays

Yoganic Moves creates yoga-inspired retreats and holidays all over the world.

Each holiday is designed with passion and with great attention for detail.  We combine yoga with plenty of other activities such as sports, adventure, culture and coaching.

Are you ready to:

Explore yourself deeply?

Visit off the beaten track destinations?

Absorb beautiful landscapes?

Share breathtaking adventures?

Stay at extraordinary resorts and eco lodges?

Eat healthy and locally sourced food?

Be taught by vibrant and inspiring teachers from all over the world?

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, we welcome you to join us and to (re-)establish a deep connection with your inner self through nature, meditation, yoga and adventure.

Yoganic Moves will move you!

Yoganic Moves works together with Thomas Cook and My Himalaya for yoga holidays.

Weekend retreat Berlin

Urban Yoga & Health Long Weekend Retreat - Berlin

Dive deeper in your yoga practice while being nourished by clean healthy yummy food and exploring Berlin as if you'd be living there ♥ 


15 August 2019
Club Marvy Turkey

Yoga & pure relaxation at Club Marvy Turkey

Join us for a week of yoga and pure relaxation.


20 October 2019
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Casa Cook Rhodes

Yoga & pure relaxation at Casa Cook Rhodes

We have taken many yogi's to Casa Cook in Rhodes already and are excited to return again.

Casa Cook is a boutique hotel with a laid back spirit, a place you will not want to leave ;-)

Join us for a week of yoga and pure relaxation.

Discover the beautiful beaches in Rhodes, join us for a SUP tour, go hiking, unwind and enjoy your luxurious stay.


28 April 2019 29 June 2019
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Kos, Greece

Yoga and pure relaxation in Kos

Are you looking for a yoga week in an idyllic setting? A week to pamper yourself fully and benefit from the amazing accommodation of the CASA COOK hotel: luxury bohemian style rooms with semi private swimming pool, lounge areas with hammocks, extensive breakfast menu with all the healthy nuts and seeds,....  Then join us at Kos for a week of yoga, relaxation and all the fun you can handle.

This week will be as active as you make it. You can enjoy different treatments in the spa, you can go SUP boarding at the beach, make endless beach walks, gaze away at the sunset or discover the pittoresque mountain villages in Kos.


25 May 2019
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