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Allow, allow, allow

Allow, allow, allow

I admit i often put too much pressure on myself.
So many things, i want to do; study anatomy, practice yoga, 
​cardio training, running, reading, writing, learning guitar, 
following yoga trainings and courses​.
So many things that excite me. 

I have the tendency of putting too much on my plate.
That's why i was heading for a burn-out 5 years ago, 
in my previous job.

This pressure, 
remains​ my biggest challenge now as well, 
​being fully independent,
running my business and teaching yoga full time.

​I had a period i feel tired and drained.
I was so fed up.​
And decided i wanted to change this pattern.​
I want to feel energized, inspired and radiant, free of this "have to" voice.

And honestly, only by doing more of the things you like,
you will get to this.

So i practice letting go of​ the "have to" voice 
and​ follow more of my urges.​​
Listen more to how the body feels,
listen more to what the body needs.​​

I try to let go of ​​actions that are based on fear or on lack.
Instead I cultivate trust.​

I practice the art of "allowing"​​
Allow myself to be, just the way I am.
Being okay with what comes up.
 Sometimes energized,
sometimes drained, afraid, sad, angry, ....

When I allow this feeling to be,
and I create a compassionate attitude towards myself,
I sit with this feeling and see where it comes from,
then it flows away more easy.
I fully show up with how i feel.​
I share from my own experience.​

Sure we all have goals and dreams we want to fulfill.
But what about fully showing up, the best you can, at any given moment?
Without putting pressure on yourself.
Without expectations.
Just walking your path step by step.


Do the best you can, show up, accept an OFF day.
 Breathe, pauze.
See the beauty around you.
Cultivate trust.
Follow your urges.
Do more of what your body needs.​​

Learn to go with the flow,
definitely a lesson for me (and i guess for all of us) to learn.


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