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Yoganic holidays

Yoganic Moves creates yoga-inspired retreats and holidays all over the world.

Each holiday is designed with passion and with great attention for detail.  We combine yoga with plenty of other activities such as sports, adventure, culture and coaching.

Are you ready to:

Explore yourself deeply?

Visit off the beaten track destinations?

Absorb beautiful landscapes?

Share breathtaking adventures?

Stay at extraordinary resorts and eco lodges?

Eat healthy and locally sourced food?

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, we welcome you to join us and to (re-)establish a deep connection with your inner self through nature, meditation, yoga and adventure.

Yoganic Moves will move you!

Spark your passion - Yoga adventure in Mozambique

10 Nov 2022
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See more details

Can you picture yourself waking up in paradise with the morning sun and view on the deep blue Indian Ocean.

Your African adventure has begun.

You will land in a place, you could not have dreamed off, Kumba Lodge, a sanctuary for conscious adventurers.

This retreat will be an enriching journey that will touch your heart deeply, allow you to expand, to grow and to connect with yourself and others.  Coaching will be an integral part of this yoga retreat which will provide you with more tools to deepen your inner journey.

Expand your horizons - yoga cruising and stand up paddle along Turkey's coastline

27 May 2023
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See more details

Join us on a yoga and Stand Up Paddle journey in Turkey.

Take this week to awaken the brave warrior inside of you, to grow and expand your horizons. Open your courageous heart, find freedom & flow and step into your fullest potential.

Our home base is a beautiful private yacht cruising along the Turkish coast. Our days will be filled with healthy yoga moves, stand up paddle, hiking, relaxing on the deck, undoing and letting go, ..

Fully emersed by nature, absorbed by the beauty that surrounds us, this week will be healing for body and mind and will bring us back to our true essence. Grant yourself the precious gift of slowing down, time to relax and let go, meet other like minded travellers and return home with renewed inspiration and a heart filled with joy, uplifted energy and a deep connection with yourself.

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