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The only way to move forward is to move inward

10 years ago, I felt lost in life. No dreams, no goals, no inspiration. Instead, I faced fear, restraints and a general lack of purpose.  

I spent my whole life in search of meaning - changing jobs, growing, diving deeper, stretching my comfort zone and facing even my biggest fears. 

Today I am grateful to found my mission in life and this is to take you on a journey towards expansion, growth, balance and your unique fullest potential

My personal journey combined with many years of studies in functional anatomy, physiology, mental health, personal development and different styles of yoga and meditation inspire my teachings. 

Yoga is the journey inward and I hope I can inspire you, encourage you to feel more, listen better and become your own best friend

About me

For fourteen years, I worked as a successful marketing professional. I was in desperate need of a change of scenery, as I wasn’t getting the professional fulfillment I craved. I found myself completely paralyzed: I refused to go back to the old, but I was terrified of exploring something new.

I surprised everyone - most of all myself - by making a pretty bold move: I quit my job and took myself on a trip around the world. Buying that ticket and venturing out all by myself was a huge step for me. Little did I know I was planting the first seeds of Yoganic Moves...

Indeed, it was during my travels in Asia that I dove deeper into yoga, its philosophy and the inspiring yoga community. Slowly, the pieces of my life-puzzle started to come together. I had always had a strong passion for movement, and now yoga provided the perfect complement to spinning and running.

After five months of travel  - much longer than originally planned -  I returned home with a backpack full of ideas and inspiration (not to mention dirty laundry!). I decided to organize yoga retreats so I could share my passion with kindred spirits. So I had my first yoga retreat with a teacher from Thailand. As I got more passionate about yoga, I started teaching as well.

The rest is history. Yoganic Moves was born, as the perfect combination of everything I love.


About Yoganic Moves

Yoganic Moves has taken yogis from all over the world to travel inside and out. The Alps, Thailand, Ibiza, Rhodes, Bali,... these are only a few of the inspiring destinations Yoganic Moves offers on the menu. But you don’t need to travel far to get your regular fix:  in Ghent, Yoganic Moves guides you through yoga classes and workshops and hosts fun events like Sunday yoga and brunch and SUP yoga. 

You also can get your online dosis of healthy moves with more than 60 classes on the brand NEW online academy.

Yoganic Moves takes you on a journey that allows you to grow, to move inward, to transform, to get stronger in body and mind and to expand your horizons.

Are you looking for new inspiration? Do you want to grow stronger in body and mind? Do you want to find inner peace? Then come and join us on the mat, a retreat or a holiday and see what happens. Where will your yoga take you?

P.S. Did you know that Yoganic Moves has a deeper meaning? “Moves” stands for growth and development, but also for travel and, well, literally for moving (sports and yoga asanas). “Yoganic” is a contraction of my name, Annick, and Yoga, as I love sharing from the heart, in an authentic way.

Travelling along a teacher's path

I believe that, even as a teacher, I remain a student for the rest of my life.

Over the years I have studied with many different teacher in different styles of yoga.

Since 2014 I have been studying with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medicine. I have completed over 600 hours on orthopedic modules on the spine, hips and shoulder and training in Chinese Medicine, Yoga for Athletes, Yin & Meditation, Mental Health, Myofascia Release. 

This gave me a deeper understanding on functional anatomy, Eastern and Western medicine and how to use yoga as a therapy to support us in any cycle of our life.  

I continue to walk my path as a life long student and love to share my knowledge and passion for yoga and health. 

With Yoganic Moves, I love to take you on a journey that allows you to grow, to transform, to get stronger in body and mind and live your fullest potential.

What yoga means to me

"You cannot force the process, you cannot force the body. It is like if you would force a lotus flower to open, you would just break it."

For me, yoga is no less than a way of living. It’s  a practice of patience and persistence at the same time. Surrendering and accepting where I am at each moment in my practice, with respect for my body, without comparison to others, just focusing on myself.

I compare yoga to a dance, a meditation in motion. I love the fluid movements, feeling a deeper connection with my body, listening from within, unfolding layer by layer, going deeper, finding inner strength and inner peace.

This is how the practice shines through in my daily life: accepting and enjoying the process, surrendering to the journey and learning from the obstacles, persisting and taking baby steps in my practice and the development of Yoganic Moves.

I look back at my life and only a couple of years ago, I was a different person completely. I felt lost and fearful. I am grateful for where I am now, for all the chances on my path and I look forward to sharing the beautiful practice of yoga with you

Style of teaching

For me yoga is a means to support you in any cycle of your life, a therapy.

The practice is there to support you in your unique needs, whether it is a gentle flow, a yin & myofascia release class, a vigorous yoga work-out or juicy flow.

My intention is to guide you, so you can connect deeper within and listen better.

Yoga is the journey inward and I hope I can inspire you, encourage you to feel more, listen better and become your own best friend.


  • Vipassana 10 days meditation - Thailand - 2003
  • Training wtih Manju Jois  – Zeeland - July 2013 – 20 h
  • Ashtanga yoga teacher training – Thailand –  November 2013 - 200 h
  • Yin yoga training Sarah Powers Insight yoga – France - May 2014 - 80 h 
  • Functional Anatomy– Gernot Hüber – Thailand – January 2015 – 40 h
  • Thai massage level 1 – David Lutt - Lulyani – France – August 2015 – 30 h
  • Yoga Medicine – Advanced shoulder Immersion – London - September 2015 – 25 h
  • Radiantly Alive – Advanced teacher training – Bali - March 2016 - 300 h
  • Duncan Wong – Yogic Arts and Thai massage – Paris – April 2017 - 30 h
  • Yogamedicine – Funtional Anatomy and disfunction of the Spine – Thailand – March - 60 h
  • Yogamedicine – Functional Anatomy and disfunction of the Hips – Spain - May 2017 – 60 h
  • Yogamedicine – Myofascia release – London - September 2017 – 25 h
  • Yogamedicine – Online training yoga anatomy – 20 h
  • Embodied yoga - Julie Martin – Stockholm – August 2018 – 25 h
  • Yogamedicine – Yin and meditation – Spain – May 2018 - 60 h
  • Yogamedicine – Yoga for athletes – London - September 2018 – 25 h
  • Yogamedicine – Chinese medicine – London - September 2019 – 25 h
  • Yogamedicine – Online training - Functional anatomy for yoga, movement performance and pain specialist  - 22 h
  • Yogamedicine – Online training – Mental health and wellness – juni 2020 – 60 h
  • Yogamedicine – Online training – shoulder intensive training – juni 2021 – 60 h
  • Yogamedicine - Online course yoga for triathletes - 3 hours
  • Yogamedicine - Online course Movement Intelligence, An Introduction to Neuromechanics - 6 hours
  • Yogamedicine - Online course Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction - 3 hours
  • Jeff Foster - Meditation - May 2022 - 40 hours
  • Thai massage level 1 – David Lutt - Lulyani – France – May 2023 – 30 h
  • Thai massage level 2 – David Lutt - Lulyani – France – September 2023 – 30 h
  • Yogamedicine - Online course Pranayamama - 14 h

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