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At Yoganic Moves, we love organizing fun and inspiring events combining yoga with other activities such as hiking, coaching, eating (healthy food!), cycling, adventure, ....

Building a community of like-minded people who care about their health and who want to live up to their fullest potential is a big part of our mission.  Growing is about expanding and ultimately getting out of your comfort zone and therefore group events are ideal. Together we can achieve so much more. It’s so good to feel supported.

If you would like to organize an event or team building for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a broad network of coaches, food consultants, sports coaches, .... and lots of venues. We will be happy to help!

Workshop "Slimmer sporten met yoga"

22 Mar 2024
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Waarom zou een sporter yoga toevoegen aan z'n sport en kan yoga de prestaties verbeteren en optimaliseren?
Hoe kan yoga helpen om blessures te voorkomen?
Waarom zou je yoga integreren in je druk trainingsschema? 
Kan yoga helpen met sneller herstel van je lichaam?
Kortom, welke meerwaarde heeft yoga voor jou als sporter?
Op al deze vragen krijg je een antwoord tijdens de workshop speciaal voor sporters "slimmer sporten met yoga"

Are you a runner or hiker, a crossfit athlete, a padel or tennis player?

Do you want to understand more about yoga and learn practical tools to help you:

prevent injuries, run without pain, perform better, recover faster from a workout.

In this workshop for your club, you will learn the benefits of adding yoga to your sport and how can yoga improve your performance.

A journey into Tranquility: Day Retreat in Heuvelland

21 Apr 2024
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Do you want to take a day to SLOW down and connect with yourself?
Do you want to nourish yourself and find renewed energy and inspiration?
Do you want to take a break from the busyness of your life?

Join me in Flanders Fields (the place I grew up), for a one day retreat, "A journey into tranquility".

Step away from your endless TO DO list and your daily tasks and GRANT yourself the precious gift of SLOWING down, move in healthy ways, meet other like minded people and return home with renewed inspiration, a heart filled with joy, uplifted energy and new inspiration.

Our morning begins with a 1,5 hours yoga and meditation class followed by a healthy picnic/lunch made with love by Illie Mangaro.
In the afternoon we embark on an enchanting afternoon hike along the renowned Silence Path.
Our day will finish with a nurturing yin yoga session.

Create a life you love?

Join me on my journey and find new inspiration.

Welcome to our community.

Great things will happen for you at Yoganic Moves. We look forward to keeping you in the loop about amazing holidays, retreats, workshops and classes. Just join our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out!

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