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Chata-ouch – Avoiding injuries in chaturanga dandasana

How often do we take a vinyasa during our yoga practice? Most commonly this involves the pose  "chaturanga dandasana". If you are a regular yoga practioner, you will know what kind of animal this is ;-) If you are new to yoga, this is for sure one of the hardest transitions 

When i first started yoga and maybe was overambitious, i got a shoulder injury. I took too many chaturanga’s.  And i definitely did not perform this pose in a correct way. Since i have been training with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medecine, i became a bit of a chaturanga nerd ;-)

And this is something I really focus on during my classes.

We already have the tendancy of rounding our shoulders forward in our daily activities. If we repeat this habit in our yoga practice, then our practice is not that healthy. So how can you make your practice therapeutic? If you want to avoid injuries and you want to build a good foundation, you need to build strength in the whole shoulder girdle. This is asking for patience and practice. Take your pride away and practice lowering down with your knees on the floor.  This way you can gradually build up strength.

Here are some stepping stones to build up towards chauranga dandasana.

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