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How to deal with challenges?

We are here to practice and see our challenges as an opportunity to grow.
This is more easily said than done, don’t you think so?
Especially in these times
where we have plenty of challenges.

Personally i feel there is a lot going on,  we never had that much uncertainty, we were never asked to expand that much, to live day by day and to let go of control.
This can bring up a lot of fear, anxiety, restlessness, worry, doubt, …
For me that often results in trying to control even more, trying to hold on even more tight.

It’s a cycle which makes me rigid, makes me even more anxious, brings up more tension.
This is a downward spiral.

But I know I can make a choice to reverse this cycle into an upward spiral.
As I am in charge. We all are.

This period is an invitation for all of us to expand, to grow, to let go of control, to trust, to feel it all, to embrace it all. We can do this together.

Me too, I feel all these intense emotions passing through me... and my first reaction is that I don’t want to feel all of this, I want things to be okay, to be normal, so I resist.... i push away these heavy emotions... as they are unpleasant... I distract myself…  for a moment I am convinced I am different, I feel separate, and I tell myself that this is not the way i am supposed to feel.

And then... a big sigh, a huge relief.... I give up resistance and I breathe, I feel it all, I feel my body shivering, my heart beating, ... in this present moment, I feel I can hold it all, I breathe, I can hold myself. 

I stay with myself and this makes me feel ok again, this makes me stronger... I tell myself... this is a practice... all is ok in this very moment here and now. 
I cry, I smile, I shake it out, I dance, …

I continue walking forward step by step knowing I can be there for me.
You to, you can continue walking forward step by step, taking care of you.

I invite you to pauze, to feel it all, to breathe it all in.
I invite you to move, shake your body, dance, run, go out in nature.

Know that you are safe, know that you can do this.
You can hold yourself, you can be there for yourself.

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