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How i found my life’s purpose and how you can find yours

5 years ago I was lost, without a mission and a passion.

Now i am a full time yoga teacher with a mission in life.

If we could all love what we do, would we not be happier people?

I wish you to find your passion in life.

I wish you to live your fullest potential.

Here are 10 tips on how you can find your passion.

1. Create space

5 years ago, i gave up my job. I let go of the old when there was no “new” yet.  This was quite freightening.

Still, only when you create space, there is room for something new.

I don’t say you need to make drastic changes. What is taking a lot of your time and does not feed you? What is taking your energy? What can you let go off?

2. Become an observer

If you stand too close to a mosaic, all you see are the individual pieces of glass or stone in no recognizable pattern. When you are too close to the situation, you can’t see the entire picture.  You get lost in all the little problems, thougths, shattered emotions.

When you take one step back, you become the observer.

Can you take an eagle’s view on your life?

For me, travelling was the way to step out of my life. I had to create distance (physically) to look at my life from another perspective.

Yoga holidays are a perfect opportunity to step out of your life and find guidance.

3. Expand your horizons

The comfort zone feels safe. It’s what we know, it’s what we do. Many people stay in their comfort zone, even when they are not happy. The fear of the unknown is bigger than the discomfort you feel now. For me, travelling by myself was such a huge fear. I rather stayed where i was, feeling miserable.

However i build in stepping stones. I had a friend living in Bali that time and i would stay the first week of my worldtrip with her. She would also fetch me from the airport.

What stepping stones can you build to overcome your fear?

4. Follow your curiosity

I did not have a dream. I did not have a clue what to do with my life. I  left on a worldtrip with a notepad. I wrote down everything that got my interest. Everything that made my heart beat faster. I started doing more yoga, as that made me feel better.

Where does your curiosity go? What excites you? Start doing more of this and who knows where your curiosity will lead.

5. Make the “why” more important then the “how”


When i came home from my worldtrip, i got this great idea to organize yoga holidays. However, my mind  started to talk me out of my dream. How could I ever realize this? I had no experience in organizing holidays. I was not involved in a yoga community.

However this was the one idea, that made my heart beat faster.

If  you want to become a writer, a massage therapist, a dancer, a yoga teacher. Sure your mind will talk you out of this. You can not make a living of this, you don’t have the skills,…

If you know “why” you want something, the “how” will fall into place.

Your reason why is like the roots of the trees. When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

What are your reasons why you want to change jobs;

why you want to travel;

 why you want to pursue this mission?

6. Learn to feel

We spend so much time in our head that we don’t know how to feel anymore. Our mind has taken over. Can you learn to feel again?

What lights up your entire energy?

Step out of your head.

Connect to your body, move, go for a run, dance, take a yoga class and learn to feel.

Open your heart, lose your mind.

7. Follow your inner compass

Only when you pauze, you can listen. When you are on automatic pilot, you don’t hear the signals of your body.

Start with 5 min meditation in the morning.

This way you learn to connect to your guidance system. All answers are within. All knowledge is there already.  Meditation helps you to let go of the outside noice, the fear.

I started meditation with an app, which I often recommend. “Calm”

8. Don’t be afraid of failure

Sure you will be tested on your path. You will experience fear. Some things will not go as planned. Separate the failure from your identity. Pursue your journey. What you can learn from your failure? Often that’s your biggest chance to grow. 

9. Dare to make choices

On this path to your mission, it’s important you stay true to yourself.

I started with yoga holidays, which really made me feel good.

However, the admin work started to become a burden and the combination with teaching yoga became too much.

I felt i started moving away from my purpose. I decided to let go of the organization of yoga holidays.

Again, a big decision to created space. And guess what! It opened up new opportunities; a cooperation with Thomas Cook, holidays to Nepal and Islandic adventures.

10. Trust that your curiosity will lead you to your passion

I really love this talk from Elisabeth Gilbert on this topic. She talks about hummingbirds and woodpeckers. Woodpeckers are the ones that know their purpose from a young age. Elisabeth knew she wanted to become a writer from a young age.  There are also hummingbirds. They don’t have this early calling. Hummingbirds go from flower to flower, from tree to tree, trying this, trying that. If you can keep on doing that, release yourself from the pressure, the anxiety, then one day your curiosity might lead you  to your passion.

If you are a hummingbird, just like me, can you start to follow your curiosity?

Create a life you love?

Join me on my journey and find new inspiration.

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