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If you can dream it you can do it

What happens after a yoga holiday is a different story every time, for everyone. I'd like to share my latest adventure with you!

Yoga & Hiking holiday in Magical Ibiza... it started as a dream about a year ago and I can't believe this weekend I said goodbye to an amazing group of yogi's here on the island I dreamed of for so long. However big my dreams were, little did I know Ibiza would bless us all with so much energy, power and, yes, magic!

There are many stories about this island, for centuries people have been talking about its extraordinary energy, this past week we discovered why! The island really is a special place. Even though small in size it holds enough hidden corners to keep on surprising you. During our hikes we enjoyed some breathtaking view points, collected crystals on the way, discovered some remote beaches  and were left amazed by the beauty of Ibiza's most famous view: Es Vedra. Two beautiful rocks in the ocean that are the protagonist in many myths, legends and memories. 

Every yoga holiday is a surprise to me, even though I spend a lot of time organising them, I can never really know what the journey will bring. Every group is different, everytime the yogi's teach me some new and unique lessons and I am left humbled. What I learned this time? We are truly limitless!

I like empowering people to believe they can move towards a posture they didn't think they were able to do. I love seeing the smile on their faces when they finally do. This week I was blessed to see people grow, and yes, I witnessed some bright faces and smiles :-)

Our group of yogi's was very varied with our youngest yogi being 20 and the oldest 80, showing there is really no age to yoga! So thrilled I was to see our oldest yogi doing a head stand in the morning! The whole week she powered through all the hikes and classes with a smile, her strength and determination was an inspiration to us all! She already joined us in the Alps the year before as well. Also my mother, the second oldest person was with us on the hikes and attended all yoga classes. The deep fulfillment this week brings is the nicest gift. 

Other comfort zones were left behind in a more gentle way when we sang along to some age old mantras on our spontaneous mantra night. A first for many, but a heart opening experience for all of us. Soft candle light, sweet voices and a circle of strangers connecting with each other and ourselves through age-old Sanskrit singing. 

We crawled into our renewed comfort zones with some amazing Roll and Realease Yoga in the evening. This unwinding and invigoratiing practice had a healing and relaxing effect on all of us. And on top of that, we had a Thai massage therapist using her magic hands to release the tight spots and to make us feel reborn again. 

Yoga moves, challenging hikes, positive vibes, stillness, connection with nature and with other yogi's, delicious and healthy food by Bobby's Table. These were the ingredients of this week in Ibiza.

We arrived as a group of strangers, but this weekend 15 yogi's rolled their trollies out of the villa and pulled the door closed as a group of friends. 

Yes, limitlessness is what I saw and learned this past week. Impossible? No! Break it down: I'm Possible. Right?

With inspiration from this past week I look forward to hosting a new group of enthusiastic yogi's and, one of my biggest yoga inspirations, Vari Morales, for a Deepen Your Practice Retreat here in magical Ibiza. Looking forward to the surprises Ibiza's, yoga's and – most of all – the group's magic will bring this time!

Muchas gracias Ibiza!



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