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Annick Yoganic Moves

I am a full time yoga teacher (500 hours YA certified) and inspirator of Yoganic Moves. I am passionate about yoga, travel, sports and movement in general. I have been teaching yoga full time since 2013. 

Since my teens I loved movements and sports such as tennis, horseriding, cycling and running. I became a bit more competitive in my twenties with running half marathons and spending lots of time on the bike inside and outside.  At the age of 24, I lost my father in a sudden accident, which had a huge impact on my life. I spend many years in therapy and started questioning the meaning of life at this young age.

I continued my life with many hours of sport, a full time demanding job and some carreer switches. I got physically and mentally exhausted. In 2012, I decided to make a drastic shift and left my job in events and marketing. I went on a world trip in the search for something more meaningful.  It was during my travels in Asia that I dove deeper into yoga, its philosophy and started finding more clarity. Shortly after, I decided to become a yoga teacher and I finished my very first training in 2013.

I have studied with many different teachers in different styles of yoga. 

Since 2014 I have been studying with Yoga Medicine, with orthopedic modules on the spine, hips and shoulder and training in Chinese Medicine, Yoga for Athletes, Yin & Meditation, Mental Health. 

This gave me a deeper understanding on functional anatomy, Eastern and Western medicine and how to use yoga as a therapy to support us in any cycle of our live.  

I continue to walk my path as a life long student and love to share my knowledge and passion for yoga and health. 

With Yoganic Moves, I love to take you on a journey that allows you to grow, to transform, to get stronger in body and mind and live your fullest potential.

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